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  • Gabriela Munoz

Live an exceptional day on the beaches of Tulum

Taboo Beach Club Tulum

Taboo Beach Club is an exclusive beach club that offers a gastronomic and party experience in one of the most popular destinations of the moment: Tulum.

Experience the duality of a spectacular beach day surrounded by live shows with a saxophonist, exquisite dishes and decorated spaces; then, at sunset Taboo Beach Club becomes the best place to continue the party with the Champagne girls and vibrant beats by the resident DJ. 

The best thing about Taboo Beach Club is that you can enjoy two atmospheres in one: the comfort and sophistication of the restaurant, as well as the most exclusive beach club in Tulum. 

Throughout the day you can live different experiences such as: 


Signature cocktails

Enjoy signature cocktails with premium distillates and a presentation like no other. Enjoy the creative drinks in one of the most incredible beaches in Mexico. 


Exclusive products 

Taste Mediterranean haute cuisine with an international touch that includes Caribbean lobsters, king crab, super colossal octopus and the freshest fish, cooked with first class techniques and recipes. 


Cabanas and VIP spaces

If you’re celebrating something special or simply looking for exclusivity and a high-end party atmosphere, Taboo Beach Club has the perfect spaces for you and your group of friends. Depending on the number of people or type of experience you’re looking for, you can purchase packages with bottles of champagne, amenities and specific spaces. 


Live shows in Tulum 

Sax, resident DJ and live shows that will make you vibrate, dance and have the time of your life on the beaches of Tulum. Experience a beach party, while you feel your feet in the sand and hold your favorite drink in hand. 

If you’re looking for things to do in Tulum, we invite you to live an adventure of luxury and entertainment in the Mexican Caribbean with Taboo Beach Club.

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