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  • Gabriela Munoz

Do you know the difference between Champagne, Prosecco and Cava?

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These three sparkling wines are perfect to enjoy with your favorite dish, in moments of celebration or to have several drinks on a spectacular beach day in Tulum. 

Each one has its charm, but let's start with the simple concepts and differences between them.

Champagne is French and therefore the grapes for its production are located in that country, Prosecco is Italian and Cava is Spanish. 

Each area, climate, type of soil, the seasons, will make the harvests different and therefore bring a distinctive flavor to the final result. 

In France the climate is colder, therefore the grapes tend to be more citric and create fresher wines, in Spain, its high temperatures alter the process, making the grapes sweeter, creating fruitier wines. On the other hand, Prosecco is produced with a high percentage of Glera grapes and its creation process is much faster than champagne, making its elaboration more agile and therefore large quantities can be made, lowering its cost.

Another of the most important differences is the elaboration, cava and champagne use the more traditional classic method known as "méthode champenoise" (if you want to read more about it, we recommend you this blog post by Tantra) The history of Champagne.

While Prosecco uses a method with a steel tank called Charmat. 

In terms of flavors, experts determine the following differences: Prosecco is sparkling with fruity flavors and high effervescence, cava offers more intense notes thanks to its second fermentation but you will also find fruity and nutty flavors. Bubbles are more delicate than the ones you can taste in Prosecco.

Finally, the most classic is champagne, whose aging times change the flavors and make it more complex and deep. Compared to the other two, champagne tends to become better with time, it has more intense and persistent flavors, as well as a bubbly movement that makes it more sophisticated.

Without a doubt, you have to taste each one and choose which one is your favorite. Each one is full of nuances, history and lots of freshness.

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