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  • Gabriela Munoz

Discover the origin of Risotto

risotto in Taboo Beach Club

Did you know that risotto was born from a love affair in ancient Italy? 

In the 15th century, an Italian fell in love with the daughter of one of the most famous mentors of ancient Italy. This young cooking enthusiast created a quick and easy dish that would be able to surprise and impress on his wedding day.


The dish was seasoned with saffron, which in addition to a peculiar flavor also gave it a special color, a yellow and toasted tone that simulated the gold nuggets found in the rivers. The result, besides having a great taste, caught everyone's attention due to its peculiar color. 


The preparation of the risotto is also key, as the broth is added slowly, because it’s supposed to be moist and creamy, its consistency more like a pasta and less like regular rice.

A fun fact you should know, is that it’s called risotto because riso means "rice". 


It’s a very simple dish but it requires certain circumstances to be adequate, such as the rice grain must be super fine and elongated to release all the starch and get the perfect texture. Its cooking should be intermediate, not too strong or too soft.

In addition to the cooking of the rice, the ingredients are also important, risotto can become a real haute cuisine dish, depending on the ingredients you add to your recipe.

If you’re looking for a place to eat the best risotto with the best views in Tulum, Taboo Beach Club is perfect for you.

Live a unique experience enjoying exquisite dishes, music by the Resident DJ, live happenings, champagne by the beach and many more surprises in the most exclusive Beach Club in Tulum's hotel zone.

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