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  • Gabriela Munoz

Cabo has a new star and it’s called Taboo Beach Club

Taboo Beach Club Cabo

If you have already visited Taboo Beach Club in Tulum, you know that great celebration moments await you by the beach, with much style and sophistication.  We have opened a new venue and landed in Cabo, to offer a unique experience in one of the most exclusive beaches in Mexico: Médano Beach. 

Taboo Beach Club has merged the best of two worlds, a fresh and exquisite gastronomic take with a party atmosphere that invites you to splurge. 

We give you some reasons to visit this incredible Beach Club.  

  1. Food. Try fresh dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, with bold flavors, classic recipes fused with high-quality ingredients and enviable presentations that will constantly surprise you. 

  2. Spaces and decor. Taboo Beach Club knows aesthetics and sensations are important and has laid major attention on Its decoration, vegetation, sun beds, cabanas and pool to create an amazing setting. Everything is perfectly designed to delight your senses and offer you sophistication, comfort and fun at the same time. 

  3. Drinks. Taboo has one of the most creative, complex and extraordinary mixologies. The processes, combination, infusion and flavors will surprise your senses. Each drink evokes a feeling and represents a different concept. 

  4. Happenings. Be amazed by the music of the resident DJ, his mixes, the Champagne girls and our staff makes every moment an unforgettable party. The saxophonist and violinist also add a unique touch to our entertainment. So much happens at the same time, that as the day goes on, new surprises and live shows will make your experience simply memorable. 

  5. Champagne. Taboo Beach Club is the ideal place to have one or more glasses of champagne. This drink is the star of all celebrations, ask for a bottle and see what happens. If you’re visiting with a large group, celebrations and Happenings become more impressive. Don’t miss the opportunity to see it for yourself. 

Visit the most exclusive Beach Club in Cabo, located in the renowned ME Cabo hotel and experience unparalleled moments with the best views of the Pacific and the party atmosphere you need in your life.

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