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Taboo it's all about Passion

Taboo it’s all about Passion

At Grupo RosaNegra "It's all about passion" because it is essential in each of our concepts. During February we will be celebrating all the passion that surrounds our different culinary experiences, as well as the love with which the different restaurants and beach clubs were created to share extraordinary moments with you. 

At Taboo we are inspired by the Mediterranean essence, the luxury lifestyle and the passion for the most amazing destinations in Mexico. You can find Taboo in Cancun, Tulum, Los Cabos and Mexico City. If you’re looking for the best restaurant and the best beach club to visit soon,  here are some reasons to choose Taboo.  

Moments you won't forget

There are many things that can be replaced or renewed, time is not one of them. There is no better gift than moments with family, friends or couples, and Taboo is the best experience you can have, whether in Tulum, Cancun, Los Cabos or Polanco. Each one has an inexplicable magic and unique charm. The restaurants offer a gastronomic proposal inspired by Spanish, Lebanese and Greek cuisine, creating an international fusion that you won't find elsewhere, with dishes ideal for sharing and living an authentic evening of celebration. 

Extraordinary Mediterranean cuisine 

Our products were carefully chosen to create each dish on the menu in a creative and unique way. The most emblematic Mediterranean recipes were chosen and reinvented to offer you an eclectic menu full of exotic, adventurous and exquisite flavors. In the case of Taboo, fresh seafood is the protagonist of this concept, you can find various salads, carpaccios, as well as lobster and calamari and the most exclusive cuts of meat, among many other options. 

Incredible locations throughout Mexico

Taboo offers exceptional spaces to host daring moments of partying and celebration. In Cancun, its terraces over the Nichupté Lagoon are a real dream, and in the case of Tulum, you will feel wrapped by its fun atmosphere. In Los Cabos, its facilities at the ME Cabo Hotel are truly fascinating and ideal for a special day at the beach. Last but not least, Taboo Polanco is captivating, elegant and sophisticated, the best option for meals with friends or spectacular party nights. 

Unparalleled Mixology 

Don't leave Taboo without ordering their mixology inspired by the 4 elements. Each cocktail was designed to tell a story and present flavors in an exceptional way. Each drink is a work of art ready to delight and surprise your senses. Feel the passion at Taboo and live a culinary experience of celebration with a Mediterranean essence like never before.


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