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  • Gabriela Munoz

3 ways to drink Champagne


Champagne is one of the most popular drinks in the world, it’s considered sophisticated, glamorous and perfect for celebration moments.  

Nothing like drinking champagne on a beach day or during a dinner, this drink is multifaceted and adapts to different moments and situations.

True connoisseurs know about wine areas, aromas and the thickness of the bubbles, no matter which one is your favorite, we recommend these 3 ways to drink champagne at Taboo Tulum. 




The mimosa is perfect for a day at the beach, to pair your breakfast or brunch. Mixing freshly made orange juice and champagne makes your drink sweeter. We recommend adding champagne first and then the juice, it should always be served in a flute-shaped glass. If you like sweet drinks and want to add a special touch to your day, a mimosa is your best ally. 


Magnum bottle service


If you visit Taboo Beach Club in Tulum with your best friends and want to live the full experience, ask for our service packages that include 1.5 liter bottles, this way the party will never end. 

Champagne is elegant and fresh at the same time thanks to its mineral nuances and some white flowers that result in an incomparable sparkling bouquet. 

Enjoy your bottle with sparklers and the spirit of our Party Team that will do everything possible to make you live one of the most daring and amazing moments of your visit. 


Rosé Champagne


If you like fruity, sweet flavors with citrus tones, rosé is for you. It takes your palate on a journey of sensations that combines intensity and subtlety to perfection. Rosés usually have hints of red fruits such as strawberry, raspberry and sometimes notes of peach. 

It’s a bubbly drink that pairs perfectly with various dishes at Taboo. Ask our staff for recommendations. 


Taboo is the best beach club in Tulum and a great option for a day out in this paradisiacal destination. A place to break free, change the rules and reinvent yourself. Dance, drink champagne and discover its Mediterranean-inspired dishes in its chic and bohemian spaces. 

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