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Discover Taboo beach club Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is one of the most stunning islands in the Mexican Caribbean, the intense color of the turquoise sea, its picturesque streets and impressive fauna and flora make it one of the most visited destinations in Mexico. In 2015 it was named a magical town, a recognition offered when a city, beach or town stands out for its natural beauty, cultural influence or historical significance; in this case the island has it all. 

One of the most successful concepts of Grupo RosaNegra arrives to Isla Mujeres, to refresh the beach days and offer a new bohemian and chic space with a great culinary proposal and daring party atmosphere that will delight your senses. Its parties are legendary and there is a unique atmosphere of celebration that characterizes Taboo Beach Club in other cities like Tulum and Los Cabos. 

This Beach Club is spectacular, bold and surprising and a unique oceanfront experience. Taboo Beach Club has adopted Mediterranean cuisine as a lifestyle, transforming iconic dishes into true artistic expressions that will surprise your senses in every bite.  

Its menu is extraordinary, it includes reinvented classic recipes that will make every visit a memorable moment. Taboo stands out for its excellence in seafood and fresh fish, in its menu you will find a wide selection of exclusive products such as Tiger Shrimp, Mediterranean Lobster, Branzino Fillet, or the Stuffed Colossal Calamari among many other options, as well as artisanal pastas, select beef cuts and a variety of desserts to end your experience with sweet flavors and breathtaking presentations.  

In addition to its gastronomic proposal, Taboo Beach Club is the ideal place to experience a beach party with style and extravagance. Its live happenings, passion for champagne, signature mixology and DJ, make it a spectacular spot for celebrations and great moments by the sea. 

The first Taboo Beach Club located in Tulum was created by renowned architect Jorge Borja, winner of the Versailles prize awarded by Unesco and its design has been replicated and adapted to Isla Mujeres to maintain the style and essence of the concept. 

Taboo Beach Club is a tribute to pleasure, delight, aesthetics and beauty of the surrounding beaches, innovative dishes, amazing mixology and music by the resident DJ making it an unforgettable multi-sensory experience that you will want to repeat. 

Experience a bohemian, exclusive beach day with high-end entertainment, while enjoying a great selection of wines, champagne and signature cocktails in one of Mexico's most enchanting Magical Towns.

Source: Grupo RosaNegra

6/12/22, 22:00

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