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4 activities to do in Isla Mujeres

champagne in Taboo Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is perfect to spend a day in paradise, skip the routine and visit one of the most incredible islands in all of Mexico. 

Remember that to get to Isla Mujeres you will have to take a ferry service or you can also arrive in your own yacht, the trip is quite short and the sea views are really impressive. Isla Mujeres is a delight for your senses from beginning to end. 

Yacht or catamaran ride

Don't miss out on sailing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean aboard a boat. You can live this experience as a couple or group, there are many tours that offer different services and take you to diverse areas in the island. Playa Norte is one of the most popular places to make a stop and enjoy the sea.  


Isla Mujeres is a gem of nature, it has several reefs that you can discover swimming and snorkeling. 

Explore wonderful marine ecosystems, with fish, corals and the grandeur of the marine world. Let yourself be amazed by its colors, textures and great diversity. 

We recommend visiting these areas with certified experts, who can guide you through the experience and be respectful of the coral reefs following maritime regulations. 

Spend the day at a Beach Club

Your day in Isla Mujeres is not complete without spending a day having fun at an exclusive beach club. Visit Taboo beach club and discover a universe of possibilities by the sea. You can arrive by car or yacht, parking at the dock. 

Our beach club is the perfect option to spend a fabulous and wild day in Isla Mujeres. Its parties, irreverence and amazing cocktails are incomparable. You won't find an experience like it anywhere else on the island. 

Punta Sur

Explore the southern part of the island, where you'll find breathtaking rocky seaside landscapes. This area of the island receives the first rays of sunlight in Mexico, and in addition to its beautiful settings, you can also admire a sculpture of the Goddess Ixchel, goddess of the moon and fertility. 

Isla Mujeres has it all: wonderful beaches, natural scenery, local cuisine, beach parties, dreamy boats and picturesque streets.


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